ON/OFF balanceON/OFF balance


ON and OFF of lifestyle.


This is a 3 story house and a workplace for a couple. The more you go up the floors, the more you get privacy. Lights and view goes through the void space in the middle. The lifestyle of the family is organized and arranged around the void as rooms. This is a house that propose new style of work life balance which transition according to situation by coexisting the OFF place to relax and ON place for active activities such as work or party.

point of view

Location Tokyo Meguro

Completion date 2016

Osamu Nishida+Kumiko Natsumeda+Yumi Saji

Photographer Koichi Torimura

Site area 60.34㎡

Construction area 35.49㎡

Total floor area 81.18㎡

Contractors Shinei

Structure engineers ASD

Structure wooden