53 years old factory becomes a new creative complex!


We renovated a 53year old factory into a creative complex where production and consumption coexists as the fab lab its base. We created the interior, doors, furnitures cutting out woods in collaboration with fab lab who rents the 1st floor. The whole building has 5 floors. There is a cafe on the 1st floor, share working space for small offices in the 3rd and 4th floor. The common space has a easy going atmosphere so that the users can discover how to use the space by themselves.

point of view

Location Kanagawa Kawasaski

Completion date 2017.7

Osamu Nishida+Shiori Mori+Sara Ito+Yukio Osawa

Photographer Koichi Torimura

Site area unicoA:632.3㎡/unicoB:320.5㎡

Construction area unicoA:350㎡/unicoB:171.78㎡

Total floor area unicoA:1,764㎡/unicoB:659.81㎡

Contractors Shinei/Nengo

Structure steel fream