" The loby of the town" that connects various activities.

2011年に石巻中心市街地に誕生したオープンシェアオフィスIRORIのリニューアル計画。 リニューアルを遂げたIRORIは、カフェやショップ、そして3つのキューブと呼ばれるスペースを加えた約170平米に及ぶ、1室の空間。 多様な活動がゆるやかに重なりあい、新たな出会いやつながりを誘発します。「まちのロビー」としてまちを訪れる人たちの起点となる場所でもあります。仕事に没頭する人も、多人数で打ち合わせする人も、ゆるやかにつながり共存できる場所です。

A renewal project of open share office “IRORI” which opened in 2011 in the center of Ishinomaku city. It is a project of one room space that is almost 170㎡ where cafe, shop and 3 cubes are added. The space induces new encounter and connection by layering various activities. It is also “the lobby of the city” which becomes the base point for the people who visit this town. A place where people concentrating on work, people having meeting can coexist comfortably.

Location Miyagi Ishinomaki

Completion date 2016.2

Osamu Nishida+Kuniyoshi Katsu

Photographer Koichi Torimura

Total floor area 170.9㎡

Contractors Hosoda Archi-Studio/Lifeworks Co./ISHINOMAKI LABORATORY/U.C.P/Makigumi、Voluntary construction