A project to create a new environment which is opened to the local people renovating a 90 years old school which was closed in 2002 as a nature living experience school utilizing local fishing industry, forestry and agriculture. The building which was abandoned for a long time was in a condition which its pillar, beams and roof covers with local Ogatsu slate only left. The structure of the old wooden architecture was clearly visualized and the relation with the surrounding nature was noticeable, We wanted to utilize the partially distracted condition as much as possible, adding necessary elements keeping it minimum to maintain low profile, structural reinforcement that does not visually inhibit the skeleton space, Adding wall, floor, door, window and insulating material inside the existing frame minimum assuring the function of the nature school.

Location Miyagi Ishinomaki

Completion date 2015.06

Osamu Nishida+Hirotaka Isshiki+Kuniyoshi Katsu+Osamu Iwasaki

Photographer Koichi Torimura

Site area 7134.97㎡

Construction area 806.8㎡

Total floor area 839.2㎡

Contractors Luxs

Structure engineers Jun Sato Structural Engineers CO.,LTD