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Defining "agility" in architecture.

ベトナム中部に位置するダナン市。海が美しいこの街に建つ、テナントビルの3階と4階に私たちが設計したのは、80名ほどのエンジニアたちが〈アジャイル開発〉を行うためのオフィス。 スピードが重視されるIT産業において主流になりつつあるアジャイル開発というコンセプトを空間に落とし込むためにまず、全体を集中エリアとリラックスエリアに分けた。ふたつのエリアの機能と雰囲気は明確に区別されながらも、それぞれの境界領域にぐるりと広がる〈回廊〉によって繋がっている。回廊には身体の上下運動を誘発するために意図的に段差をつけ、エンジニアたちがチーム体制にて集中して作業を行う〈アジャイルルーム〉へと通ずる開口部の奥行を深くしているが、これらはすべて、ふたつの異なるエリアを行き来することで仕事のモードが自然と切り替わるような建築上の誘発装置なのである。 〈中庭〉〈テラス〉といったリラクゼーションを主な目的としたエリアは、一つの大きな連続した空間でありながら、素材・家具・照明・自然光の当たり方などのちがいが空間に緩急とゆらぎをもたらし、各々が自分の好きな居場所を選べるような自由さを体現している。ラタンやテラゾー、あるいはセメントタイルをはじめとする様々な質感をもつ現地の素材が空間全体に散りばめられ、地域の家具屋にて製作することにこだわった家具や照明器具とともに、ほどよいアクセントとなっている。 ベトナムの気候や風土に合わせた色彩で構成された、普通のオフィスらしからぬ、有機的で温かみのある風景の中で、五感が心地よく刺激され、創造力が発揮されることを期待している。

OTS has launched a move to integrate agile software development into their practice—a concept that is rapidly dominating the IT industry worldwide. The new office situated in the beautiful seaside city of Da Nang will function not just as a venue to accommodate and drive the freshly-assembled agile teams, but also as a symbol to testify their new approach. As architects, we were confronted with the challenge of reinterpreting agility in our own language, and incorporating the concept into our architecture. Our design consists of a venue bisected into two main zones—concentration zone and relaxation zone—each of which possess distinct features and atmosphere. The “corridor” which circulates along the borders of these two areas serve as the main circulation to link the series of spaces with its unique functions. The floor level of the “corridor” is elevated than the rest of the areas to trigger compulsory corporal movement. The entrance to the agile workrooms and meeting rooms are 1-meter deep, enforcing a slight time delay upon entering to prepare oneself for intense concentration. These architectural intentions serve as sort of vantage points to naturally, yet systematically, trigger the transition of psychological mindset from a physical standpoint. The "courtyard" and "terrace" are primarily intended for users to effectively disengage themselves from work. The variety of materials, furniture, lighting, and fluctuation of sunlight create a gentle unevenness throughout the venue, ambiguously separating the large unified space into small sceneries and embodying the freedom of individual users to choose their own personal hideouts. The office is defined by a collage of local materials with various textures - rattan, terrazzo, cement tiles - and subtly accented by rattan furniture and lighting fixtures manufactured by local furniture makers. The color scheme, derived from the beauty of Vietnamese nature, is an unguilty plagiarism. The organic and warm landscape harnessed by this architecture is an intentional design that is disintegrated from the public image of office spaces, which furthermore stimulates creativity and unleashes productivity of the users.

Location Da Nang, Vietnam

Completion date 2022.6

Kumiko Natsumeda, Masako Nishizawa, Yuri Murata, Yuriko Tanabe

Photographer Hiroyuki Oki

Total floor area 1,320㎡

Contractors NC1 Design Co.,Ltd.

Partner studio anettai(Takahito Yamada)/NC1 Design Co.,Ltd. (Makoto Kaneko)

Cement Tile Design Ikki Kobayashi