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A new way of working is a new era of living. We can enjoy the city as a place of life, just like finding your favorite cafe or co-working space for working. We wanted to propose such an enjoyable office in this city located Kannai town in Yokohama city. This share office creates new options for spending work time.

point of view

Location Kanagawa,Yokohama

Completion date 2019

Osamu Nishida+Aya Sakurai+Sara Ito/ondesign Hiroaki Harasaki/Hi architecture

Photographer Koichi Torimura

Total floor area (3F)560.39m²,(2F)112.88m²

Contractors roovice

Partner hokuto fujii/hokkyok(Sign design),SOLSO(planting design),Tsuyoshi Aizawa/plan-A